🌎What services does JLaunchpad provide?

❗️When registering with JLaunchpad, Blockchain projects will be provided a full package with the following services:

1. Procedure
- Exclusive Airdrop Service before Launching
- Open Whitelist for Buyers by Gleam App
- Verify Whitelist by JST Tokens
- Shill Marketing Groups with +10 Global Partners (Optional Countries)
- Automatic Listed on PancakeSwap and Automation Lock LP

2. Apps Creator
- IDO Dapp for Sale openings: buy by BNB -ETH -TRX (Optional Base Chain)
- Verify Individual Fund of users

3. Addition Services
- Guide for users: Video — Infographic — Writing
- Set your own Brand Domain
- Advisory: Soft cap — Hard cap — Individual cap — Percentage of Lock LP

❗️We provide the best services for each stage of lauching to ensure all Blockchains projects have the best chance of development.
👉View more https://docs.jlaunchpad.com/services/full-launchpad-package
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Projects and investors alike face difficulties in differentiating innovative, quality token projects from low quality, often scam projects in the market