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We would like to announce that JLaunchpad will be the platform to run Calo Run’s next IDO!

📌CALO IS THE AR (Augmented Reality) FITNESS METAVERSE that harnesses blockchain and NFT technology to reward users for access to fitness and healthy lifestyle. Your NFT is minted by the sweats and calories generated during the workouts. It also serves as your ultimate collectibles NFT that reflect your active lifestyle.

🌟Here’s the upcoming timeline for you to have an overview!

👉IDO Whitelist Contest:
❤️ 5:00 December 10, 2021–12:00 December 18, 2021 (UTC)- Round 1 (200 slots): direct comment on the post with rules for KOLS, community group owners,…
- Round 2 (400 FCFS slots): hold on Gleam

❤️ 5:00 December 20, 2021 (UTC)
- Round 1: 5:00–7:00 December 20 (UTC)
- Round 2: 7:00–9:00 December 20 (UTC)

👉 Claiming Tokens
❤️ 17:00 December 20, 2021 (UTC)

More details will be announce shortly, so stay tuned!

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